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About Us | Picture Perfect

About Us

Film Finishing is a technical art that plays a crucial role in delivering that perfect cinematic image to the audience. When you shoot your project with the most advanced cameras available today, and take it through grueling post-production workflows, it makes sense only when you’re able to deliver those subtle details to the final audience through a DCP or Blu-ray. Picture Perfect does just that with élan.

Vijaykumar CV who heads the studio brings with him 19 years of experience in film finishing technologies including DCP, Blu-ray and DVD authoring. Picture Perfect has been working on some of the most successful as well as artistic film projects ever since it started in 2009. When you create your outstanding film project with such an endeavor, you’d find Picture Perfect a perfect and natural partner in tune with the same dedication and passion as yours.

So, when you’re just about to finish your post production works, give us a ring or contact us for any other technical queries.